Requesting Information

October 19th, 2006

It is often hard to accumulate information about closed adoptions. It seems that you have to make several attempts and most of them should be in person and in writing. Closed adoptions served their purpose years ago. But most of us feel that adopted children have the right to know what their personal birth history was. More information needs to be given on family medical history. This is a very important part of who they are. When illness forces adoptive parents to seek information. It is a very difficult issue when the files are sealed and no one is willing to penetrate the birth parents privacy to help find out more medical history. Which is very valuable to the child who is ill. This is one reason why Open… [more]

When Adopted & Biological Siblings Do Not Get Along

October 12th, 2006

Over the past two years our life has been interesting to say the least. All of our children are growing older. Two are out on their own and have started their own families now. We as adoptive parents still try to help our children out as often as we can. When we see them working hard to make ends meet and we have a little extra income we always make sure our grand kids get whatever they need. Actually it is more mom than dad with that issue. Grandpa would rather drive a brand new truck and have cash in the bank. Grandma on the other hand settles for just what I need and I try to help others out. As the kids get older they seem to be drawing… [more]

A Choice Beyond Love

October 7th, 2006

It was 7:30 am on Wednesday September 27, 2006. It was time to deliver our Grandson Jayden. I went by the place my son had been living and picked him up to take him to the hospital. I gave him my camera and told him to take lots of pictures for us. Angela was sick and I had kept her home from school. So there was no choice for me but to think of the new baby and be sad that I could not be there for his birth. My son has not been one of my favorite people lately. I have been trying to help the girl who was pregnant with Jayden get ready for his arrival. I bought her a diaper bag, diaper wipes, blankets, receiving… [more]

When You Make Rotten Choices

October 5th, 2006

It is sad to say that not everyone who becomes pregnant or gets someone pregnant will make a good parent. Recently one mom came crying to me and told me how rotten life has been lately for her. When more of the facts came to light it seems she has made life really rotten for herself. DHS is about to remove her children from her home. She will also lose the baby she is now carrying if he/she tests positive for drugs when born. All the tears in the world will not hide the fact that she has smoked consistently and bought drugs and alcohol all during her pregnancy. Now the very young friends that she bought illegal alcohol and drugs for are the ones turning her into DHS for neglect… [more]

Learning to Search For Historical Roots

October 3rd, 2006

One of the neatest things in life and the best way of learning is from History. It is good to instill a good love for history and facts from the past in every child. Like teaching kids about coins. There are bright shiny new ones and there are some very old and rusty ones. Sometimes you even find a bright shiny old coin. Then you can talk about the value of this coin. Why it looks so good and how it is worth much more than the amount of a penny, nichols, dime or quarter now. With adopted kids it is fun to sit down and to write down their own history. What they remember about their life before they came to you. Then put… [more]

Adoption: Baby Where Did You Get Those Eyes?

September 20th, 2006

Well school has started and it is in full swing. We just received a letter home about the weekly classroom board. Each child will be asked to bring in family pictures and details about their birth and experiences in school up until they got into this grade level. When my other three children had this class assignment. It always made me cringe. I knew they did not have baby pictures and birth history to put on paper. They didn't know how long they were or how much they weighted. They didn't know the doctors name who delivered them. What little we did know. We used. What else they needed we improvised. It just always made me… [more]

Birth Mom’s Who Need Birth Control

September 13th, 2006

Usually when you talk about a "Flock" of something it is usually geese. Or some relative of the bird family. However the birth mom of my adopted children. Has not given birth by the child she has given birth by the "Flock." At the present date there are 17 children that this woman has given birth too. There are 15 out of the 17 children still living and all are in state custody. Each child she has damaged in different ways. Either through her drug and alcohol habits or her sexual promiscuity. When I first met her she was 8 months pregnant and ready to give birth again. She was so incoherent that the family visit was nothing but her spaced out and the kids running out… [more]

In Search of Surviving Relatives

September 7th, 2006

When you prepare to adopt a child. Make sure you ask if it is ok to meet the biological parents of the child you are adopting. Sitting down with the birth mom and birth father can allow you to get a good back ground history on your child. From the best source possible. There are times when the birth parents will not want to meet you face to face. In such situations ask the adoption worker to take a list of questions to the parents and ask them to fill out the answers. This way you can still have good information on your child's history. Top Ten Questions I Ask Are: 1.) Are there any Medical Issues in your family that we may need to know about such as… [more]

Adopted Does Not Mean You Are Less In Anyway

September 6th, 2006

The Declaration of Independance states that "All men are created equal." Our nation was founded by some very intelligent people. For as long as I can remember when ever someone found out or was told that our children were adopted. We would hear them say "Oh, you're adopted." As if it were some god awful disease or anything less than equal to or as normal as "Other children." Every time we had a situation in school. The conversation with the principal or teacher would start with "I know he or she is adopted..." That would just go right through me and make my little devilish horns stand straight up on my head. I wanted to know what that meant exactly. I never asked for them to ever… [more]

The Importance of Biological History In Adoption

August 4th, 2006

When you adopt a child. There are always an abundance of questions that need to be asked and answered. However, that does not mean that every question asked can be answered. That is one of the saddest issues of adoption. So little information is given out about the biological parents. There are times when only the biological mother's history is registered and the biological father's information is not present. The information most important to the child is a full Medical History Background. So if the child has issues when they are older. They have answers to the questions that a doctor may ask of them. So as an Adoptive Parent it is important to ask questions about the Mothers Medical… [more]