It’s Camp Time!!

June 5th, 2011

kids_under_tree If there's a theme in the upcoming week at our house, it's CAMP!  My 17-year-old left today for four nights to attend a leadership camp at the University.  (She's actually staying in the same dorm where I lived....ahem....a FEW years ago!)  Tomorrow I take my 12-year-old to camp for 5 nights.  He's never been gone so long and I'm a little worried--for myself!  (I'm also more than a little interested if history repeats itself: Last year he went to this same camp for 3 nights and when he returned home, I was going through his stuff for laundry I noticed that his bar of soap was still in its paper wrapper!) My youngest isn't going on any sleepovers this week but she is… [more]

What Doesn’t Kill Us….

March 12th, 2011

musclesMy husband and I didn’t know much about our older daughter when we adopted her ten years ago.  The first record was when she was picked up from a police station on Aug. 31, 1999 and taken to an orphanage. On September 1st, she was admitted to the hospital with “failure to thrive” and came back to stay at the orphanage six weeks later.  The videos and notes from the individuals working with her after she left the hospital all suggested she was a happy, carefree little girl.  Very resilient, they suggested.  She bounced back from her illness and from all of the events that led her to the orphanage. Resilience: … [more]

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

January 13th, 2011

cloudsMonday morning I blogged about waking up to a beautiful layer of snow that covered our city.  I wrote about my children having the day off school to frolic and play (the Eskimo way) and I told the story of my older daughter who had just arrived from India, and how she erroneously believed that she would find snow at her new house in the United States even though it was late May when she arrived. It was lovely how I described snow days as being gifts from God.  I get all warm and cozy just thinking about it.... So here it is three days later and I'm not feeling so warm and generous about the weather anymore. Tuesday morning--Snow Day #2--my son opens the… [more]

A First Sleep-Over

October 31st, 2009

Mita's First Pumpkin

Mita's First Pumpkin

Mita and Enu have been home now for a year and a half...probably longer, I just stopped counting after a while.  It really seems like they have always been here for the most part.  Tonight, however, an unexpected invitation for a slumber party threw me into shock.  Mita has only spent the night at her Grandma's and Grammy's houses.  We have had a couple of overnighters with friends staying here, but never at a friend's house.

We were trick-or-treating (all treats with no tricks thankfully!) and ran into one of Mita's friends and her mom.  The look on Mita's face was pure excitement!  She was thrilled to be asked to spend the night with… [more]

The Benefits Of An Older Child

September 2nd, 2009

I started writing for in January of this year. One of the categories that my predecessors made is entitled,"The Benefits of an Older Child". Every once in a while I look at that category and feel bad that I have never used it in my writings. As I have mentioned before, we are in the beginning of our adoption. The girls have been home for 17 months. Sometimes that seems like a long time but it really is the beginning. I write about positive things, but I am also truthful about the hard situations we've been through. I want to be helpful for families thinking of adopting older children as well as for families with kids already home. It… [more]

Are You Ready to Adopt an Older Child?

January 17th, 2009

Outside of the adoption world when you mention adopting a child, most people picture a new baby. However, many of us have chosen to adopt children above the age of two. We do so for many reasons. Some of us don’t want to do the “baby thing” again as childcare may be hard to find for infants. There is also a tremendous need for older child adoptions and that tugs at our hearts. Here are some things to consider when adopting an older child or children. These are thoughts and observations I have had in my experience. There are many ways to bond with older kids! You may find yourself feeding an older child a few bites off your plate or cuddling him like an infant… [more]

Grandchildren Are Our Reward

May 17th, 2007

Counting the three grandchildren that I adopted, bringing my total number of children up to 39, we’ve had 16 new births in twelve years time. That’s a lot of babies to hold, our own population explosion with three more due in the next couple of months. 19 babies in all from a family largely built from the adoption of older children. That one choice just made me be a grandmother faster and at a younger age than normal. An abuelita (grandma) by age 40 and it had nothing to do with the fact that I birthed my oldest child when I was barely 19. My oldest granddaughter, now 12, is in a grade with three of my children; two uncles and an aunt in her class. Her mother… [more]

The Cruelty of Adoption Scams and The Splendor Of Older Child Adoptions

March 5th, 2007

If anyone had the chance to catch the Dr. Phil show high lighting the "Adoption Scams on the Internet" at the end of February. Then you know that there are people on earth that simply do not have any self respect or compassion for other people. Three women who are barren and desired to adopt a baby. Placed ads on the inter net seeking to adopt or help support any person who had an unplanned pregnancy, wishing to relinquish their child to loving adoptive parents. All three of these ladies and I would expect a couple thousand more. Received answers from one person claiming to be pregnant and desired to give their baby up for them to adopt at birth. This person sucked the women in, often requesting… [more]

A Thanksgiving Treasure

November 24th, 2006

This Thanksgiving will hold many treasured memories for me. I was blessed to have my Grandma Bears, my best friend Christie, My son and his family, April and a few other friends with us at our table. My husband cooked most of the meal and I am more than Thankful and Proud of him. He did a fine job and he even did dishes too. But the greatest thing I will remember is my son asking if he could give the blessings over our Thanksgiving Dinner. I listened to each of his words. This was a reflection of his thankful heart and he spoke from his soul. This is the first time I have ever heard my son pray out loud. As a child we prayed… [more]

The Soul Finding Search of Parenting Older Children

August 19th, 2006

One of the hardest things to do is to let go of your kids and trust them enough to learn on their own. For years we are programmed to care for our children. To do what is best for them. Then all of a sudden we have to learn to step back and let them grow. What a powerful lesson it is for us as parents. It is also one of the hardest things we have ever done. It is difficult to sit there and keep our mouth shut when we are sure our child is making a very big mistake. What we have to learn is that these are mistakes they have to learn on their own. Then they have to learn to get themselves out of the mess… [more]