How Holidays Can Effect A New Family

April 10th, 2009

I love holidays! I think any reason to celebrate is a great one. I've been know to throw my dog a birthday party just for an excuse for a cookout. This is how I normally am. A year into having Mita and Enu home, I almost dread holidays, special days, 2-hour delay's and snow days. Any break in the normal can cause an issue and make a day go bad. These feelings are not great, but they are real and it can be very wearing for a parent. I made Christmas very simple this year and things went well. Mita's birthday was a bit overwhelming for her, but she pulled through like a champ. Valentines day was confusing… [more]

How to Incorperate Games Into Family Life With Your Older Kids

February 26th, 2009

All kids love games. That is a given. However, it can be challenging and overwhelming for a child who knows little English or is not used to taking turns to look into the game closet at home. I thought having our games in the back of our large closet would keep them out of sight, therefore out of mind. I was wrong! To all parents preparing your homes for older children, please take my advice and hide your games. You will save yourself time, money and pain. It can be painful to step on the Monopoly shoe or the Candy Land markers! It I were granted a “do-over” when it came to games at home I would hide them… [more]

Sports As Therapy

April 14th, 2007

I’ve had the same caseworker for nearly 20 years, although in the last few adoptions she assigned our family to a different caseworker, she owns the adoption agency, and has kept tabs on us for a very long time. She’s become a friend, someone whose opinion I trust more than just about anyone else’s on earth, and now that she is an adoptive mother of challenging children, she really understands. I was telling her today about how we have four soccer teams and two different church league softball teams underway, I am spending all my time bopping between games, fields, and practices. Literally, this is consuming all my time. She indicated that she was impressed that I’d do all this for so… [more]

Homemade Scrapbooks

March 28th, 2007
Categories: Family Activities

Let's get creative and make our own scrapbook. Materials Needed: 1 binder (2 or 3 inch basic notebook binder) 2 yards of your choice of theme material 3 yards of lace or edged trimming. 1 hot glue gun 10 hot glue sticks Some notebook size page protector sleeves. Some Pictures and decorations for the front of your book. 2 yards of ribbon. 1 yard of batting. ................................... Heat the glue gun Cut the batting to the exact size of the note book as it is laid flat on the table. Hot glue the batting to the book (carefully not to burn your fingers) Lay out your material choice. Place binder on the material. Cut the material leaving a 2 inch edge on all sides of the binder. Start at one end and hot glue the edges of the material in a seam… [more]

The Indiana Children’s Museum

March 17th, 2007
Categories: Family Activities

.Once again this is another fantastic place for any kid to play and learn. The little person in this picture belongs to me.... she is my baby girl Angela. We spent several hours exploring each and every exhibit at the Children's Museum. When we talk about vacation the first thing that comes out of Angela's mouth is: "Lets go back to the kids' museum." After all, with an outside display like this who could resist....... This was one of the best spontaneous family vacations we have ever taken. We will be going back there when our grandsons get a little older so they too can take in and enjoy all the wonderful things this Children's… [more]

Sponge Art and Scrap Booking

February 2nd, 2007
Categories: Family Activities

One of the coolest new ways to create art for your scrapbook pages can be found with a little bit of paint and a sponge. The craft store has sponges in all shapes and sizes that can be used to create just the right look you may want on any art page for a scrap book or poster and can be even used to decorate children's walls. It just takes a little time and it is a lot less expensive than those custom wall papers that people are buying all the time. You do not need to spend a lot of cash on scrap booking materials either. When you can make wonderful pages of your own with a little bit of paint and… [more]

Don’t Forget The Film

December 21st, 2006
Categories: Family Activities

It is time to make sure all the bases are covered. All the presents are wrapped. All the cookies are baked. All the scrap books pages are don't forget to buy film. One Christmas we decked all the halls, Placed all the presents. Set up the camera. Took a bite of Santa's cookies and drank all his milk. Scurried off to bed just in time to wake up and find out with sleepy eyes....WE HAD FORGOTTEN TO BUY FILM. So all of those memories of our hard Christmas work was left to our own little reflective hearts. No pictures. That was the Christmas without pictures. The scrap book pages were filled with notes on what each of… [more]

Color Me Happy

December 6th, 2006
Categories: Family Activities

Some of the greatest conversations with children can happen over a good clean coloring book of fun. It is something that the whole family can get into and it can last as short or as long as you wish the time to last. Watching the colors the children pick to color their pictures gives you a little insight to their world. Some will chose dark colors that reflect fear or sadness. While others are out there making people of the rainbow with big happy smiles. The pictures can reflect moods or simply just their most favorite color for that day. Finding out what each child likes is also a good thing. Then you can match their interests up with a… [more]

Dress Me Warm and Let’s Make Memories

November 7th, 2006
Categories: Family Activities

Fall is a wonderful time of year to get out side and play with your children. Some of the best times I can remember are being out side raking leaves and doing yard work with the kids. It seemed before anyone realized it we were off chasing each other and playing tag or tossing around a football. We of course had one rule around here. It was: NO Tackling MOM. More than a few times mom found herself running for the house with 4 adopted kids chasing behind her. We have so many photos of all of us out climbing trees, playing in the big piles of leaves that we used to rake at Grandma Slaydens house. Those are now good… [more]

Granny Gone Wild

October 29th, 2006
Categories: Family Activities

It seems to be the year of babies all around us here in our little Mid Michigan town. I myself have two new grandsons and one more on the way. Plus a new great niece on the way too. So I have been busy as can be making baby scrapbooks and filling them with dozens of fun pages. I love the pumpkins, witches and ghosts I got off of the web site in the free clip art category of: kids Domain. They have a lot of fun clip art. I found it fun and easy to find holiday clip art to take me through Thanksgiving and Christmas also. It is great for doing pages like "Baby's first Christmas." I usually go… [more]