May 1st, 2006
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There are millions of people all over the world who are wanting a child. For many different reasons they may not be able to have their own biological child.

Sometimes it is infertility of one or both of the partners. Sometimes it is a single person who would love being a parent without being married.
Sometimes their children have grown up and are not out on their own and they still feel the desire to parent and help another child make it to adulthood.

It could be a number of reasons that make the person think about adoption. Sometimes the red tape and paper work of applying to adopt a child just baffles a person and they give up. However, for those who answer all the questions and jump through all the hoops of adoption ethics. It can be very rewarding in the end.


So how do you prepare yourself to adopt a child?
Oh sure you can paint a room and fix it up. You can save some money for a shopping spree for new clothes and other things the child may need. But how do you prepare yourself?

First, you need to open up your heart. Be willing to love another person and care for their needs.
Second you do a reality check on your own self and ask yourself the questions of how do I feel about discipline? Can I handle an emotionally hurt child?
What will I expect from this child? What happens if the child does not achieve in school?

These are basic questions that will help you open up to all the possibilities of what could happen.
They help you to receive the child without any hidden fears.

Every child that has gone through separation from the birth parents at some point in life will suffer through the hurt feelings and the questions of adoption.

As adoptive parents sometimes we suffer with them.
We are not prepared to open up our minds to them searching for or meeting the birth parents….even though we realize it has nothing to do with us and how we have raised them. It has everything to do with finding out who they are and where they came from and who they look like. And maybe the Why’s of Adoption also.

Thinking about the future is always a good place to start when you plan an adoption in the present. It also helps you to decide what type of child and age of a child would better fit into your life.

In every home land on earth. There is some child waiting to be adopted and wanted. They need a family to grow with and to learn from. As well as how much we need them to love and learn from also.

Life by far is never easy. But it can be so much more fulfilling when we share it with those who need us.

Adoption makes the world a much brighter place for the children and for the families who love them.
Is Adoption a road you want to travel? What do you have to offer a child who needs you?

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