June 10th, 2006
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What color do your words paint the world around you?

Sitting quietly here tonight I have been reminiscing of the good times I have had with my children.

With each memory I have thought nice things about each one of my children. I also speak well of almost all of my children all of the time. Even my hard to handle April.

I see past her anger and her need for drama. Right into to her loving and kind heart. But much to my dismay I can not remember one single time when April has had a nice word to say about us, her parents.


I really tried hard to think of something I have heard her say about how well we treat her, how we are always by her side in court or how nice her room is or anything positive and up lifting towards us.

How many of you out there are guilty of the same thing? When was the last time you painted the world around you “A nice place to be” with your words?

Who have you told how nice it is to be part of the family you are in? Do your friends know that you love your parents and your siblings? When someone asks how was your summer? Can you say that your parents or someone went out of there way to make sure you had a good time?

We are all guilty of complaining and dreaming of how things could be better. I just have this feeling that if we start seeing the good that happens around us and in the people around us.
It seems to me that the world around us would take on a more colorful and positive change.

I plan to take time this week and pick out all the nice things that people say about others in our conversations. I want to be able to tell them how nice it was for me to hear the good things that are going on in their life around them.

If we wake up with rain in the morning…let’s be great full that we do not have to water the lawn and flowers. If we wake up with sun shine. Let’s be happy people that we can ride our bike or play ball and soak up the warmth within the sun rays around us.

If mom made your favorite dish for dinner …what harm would it be to say “Wow mom thank you.” If dad moved your bike instead of running over it because you left it in the center of the drive way.
How about telling him you appreciate him for moving it for you.

If your sister picked up a little of your chore duty
why not do the same for her and tell her how cool it was of her to do so.

I bet there are thousands of good compliments ready to be voiced all around you this week. Take the challenge with me. Speak up and give some compliments, say some thank you’s. Then come tell me in the comments how just those little things may have brightened up your life a little. I dare you.
(wink) You have been challenged.

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