January 7th, 2008
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I don’t know why the numbers still surprise me. If 40 or so family members show up for dinner, it’s going to take 180 bean and cheese enchiladas to fill everyone up. I stood in front of my huge black skillet, frying corn tortillas while other kids grated several pounds of cheese and heated beans, someone else rolling them all up to then douse with enchilada sauce and cook in the oven.

I’ve had all but one of my sixteen grandkids here in the house over the last several days, some spending the night, and some staying a few days. When I knew in my heart I could manage of family of 39 children, I didn’t exactly factor in the amount of grandchildren. I still can’t fathom how many grandchildren I’ll have but one hundred doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable number.


So I keep planting more beds of strawberries and bending wire into more tomato cages, multiplying how many more pepper plants I’ll need to grow each year and continuously hauling home tons of sand for our monster of a sandbox.

I buy more toys at yard sales, keeping our yard stocked with bikes and trikes, it’s the funhouse and our swimming pool is wall to wall kids each summer.

I’m even getting to the point where soon the visiting grandchildren will outnumber the children in the house. Now that is what I’m truly looking forward to, the easing up of my own responsibilities. I’ve not minded the constant work over the years, if anything work is what I do best.

Our house is large and it’s a good thing too as I’m finding some of my adult children returning home like the boomerang generation they’ve been dubbed by the media. Come back home, save some money, pay off some bills like that charge card that Mama said don’t use. Then it’s off into the world again, freeing up a room for the next grown child to return to, it’s cyclical and predictable and requires a great many enchiladas.

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  1. Sunbonnet Sue says:

    surely it is a wonderful thing you are blessed with such a bounty of enchiladas!

  2. condo-mom says:

    Just wondering: is it possible to predict what direction things will go with your adult children? Are there one or more who are mature and open to having their siblings in their lives like you do? Do your older kids feel connected to all their siblings, or do things break down along bio-sibling lines? Will this go on for decades, kids leaving, getting married, having kids, then moving back in with you, with more children, then out again, etc. etc.? Or do you see some of the kids growing into roles of family organizer, or care giver, or whatever? — Rachel

  3. Kelly says:

    WOW. I can’t imagine that much cooking.

    You wouldn’t notice if I moved in, would you? I’ll take the peppers and strawberries, and cheese. :)

  4. bumblebeeskies says:

    Boomerang generation…It’s all true! I’m a member. LOL!

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