November 28th, 2006
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Recently I decided to reach out to other Foster and Adoptive Parents in the area. So we set a night aside at the local middle school and had a dinner buffet.

We went out invitations to all Parents for an open forum Meet and Greet. I contacted some of the local Foster Parents that I know through my contacts in our area and extended a personal invite to them in person.

We decided it would be nice to talk about the school system and the special education programs that are offered to help our children. Along with other things that we can do to make our community a safer place for all our kids to play.


We passed around pens and paper and had everyone write down their concerns or questions they may have about Foster Care and Community Issues.

We talked about the opportunity to do a Meet and Greet once a month just to relax and mingle with other parents who are in the same boat we are.

I was amazed at our turn out and the desire to have a networking Meet and Greet each month. Many of the people swapped phone numbers and addresses. Others offered some good hands on ideas for keeping up with the kids.

I thought it might be worth suggesting to everyone of our readers to seek out a Meet and Greet in your own area or if you can’t find one….Maybe you might wish to start one like I have in my area.

The one thing I have learned in this life is that people need each other. If it is only a friendly ear to listen to us or someone to pat us on the back or agree with us. We need that personal touch.
Especially during the holiday season when times get difficult and we face emotional limits in our homes.

Talk to your local case workers and find out if there are parent groups in your area that meet regularly and if not….ask their help in beginning one. We can all use a few more friends on life’s pathway. Including the ones that have been through what we are going through now. What do you think? All comments are welcomed.

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