December 18th, 2006
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Ok guys. I know the holidays are getting near and you might want to surprise your mom or dad. It is kind of hard to do when you are a kid and your parents are watching your every move.

So I thought I would give you a few ideas on how to get around mom and dad and give them gifts that they will enjoy for Christmas Morning.

1.) Ask to spend the night at a friends house.
Then plan a trip to the shopping mall if you
have money to spend for presents.

2.) Ask one of your aunts or uncles to take you

out when your mom or dad will allow it.
Instead of buying lunch go Christmas shopping.

3.) Parents love homemade gifts so spend the night
at a friends or a relatives and do a crafty
project for mom or dad.

4.) Make them coffee and toast on Christmas morning
before you wake them up to rush for presents.

5.) Send them a Christmas card to where they work.

6.) Write them a poem or letter telling them how
you feel being a part of your new family.

Simple little things are some of the best gifts you can give. The feelings in your heart. Written out by your own hand in your own words. Is one of the most precious gifts you can give a parent.

Baking cookies or doing dishes if mom is tired or offering to help dad clean out the car. These are all valuable gifts of love that you can easily give to your parents.

The bests gifts do not cost much. It is a gift of your time or a gift from your heart that means the best.

After eleven years I still have ornaments that each of my children have made for me hanging upon our Christmas Tree. I will cherish them forever.

All other valuable ideas are welcome too. Please leave them in our comment section.

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