October 19th, 2006
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Today the children at our local Elementary Schools will have an Outside Harvest Day.

They will go from booth to booth where they will be taught about harvesting seeds and corn for the year to come. They will be taught about how plants grow and how the ground is prepared for the new crop to be planted next year.

They will taste good foods that can be made with the harvested vegetables and flower or wheat. There will be games to play and everyone will rotate from place to place and have fun today.

Parents were told to dress our children warm and to ask lot’s of questions when they come home about what they have learned about the fall harvest season.


I am over joyed to see the children taught about our land and harvest seasons. I can not remember ever being told about the hard work and talent that it takes to bring in a fall harvest. Or visited booths that had fresh homemade apple pie or pumpkin breads or corn flower muffins.

Today will be a wonderful treat for the local children.

This is why I like small town living. I spent 30 years of my life in the fast paced world of suburban society. One of the best things my husband and I did for ourselves was to move to this little home town area. It took time for everyone to be welcomed and for the kids to get used to smaller class room sizes and not so much traffic.

For awhile we missed the noises of the city. But now when we visit family down state I can not wait to get back home to our small town life.

There are still working farm lands and cows, pigs and chickens running a muck around the fields. There are still corn rows a mile long and garden farm lands that seem to reach out to the edge of the deep blue sky.

Today we will celebrate a little of that wonder and our children will come home to us telling us of the School Harvest Day Events. I look forward to listening to my daughter and learning how she views life through her eyes.

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