December 13th, 2006
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Yep….out there in the mad rush of holiday shoppers. I spotted two friends that I have known for a few years. They were picking out a bunch of stuff that looked like clothing inventory and toys.

I stopped to grab a hug and to wish my friends a happy holiday. When much to my surprise they were out rushing around to pick up some much needed things for a new foster child they were picking up this evening.

I remembered and smiled pleasantly, knowing how they felt. The rush and excitement. The disbelief that sometimes these kids come with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the small fee you get from the agency to purchase things for them…is far from what it costs. Especially at Christmas Time.


When we got Paige I went shopping and bought everything she would ever need from zero to toddler in one night. I was so excited. So happy. So shocked and amazed. We had a baby daughter 8 days old. Wow.

Well my friends were buying for a little boy about 17 months old. But from the look of their buggy they were out there doing about what I did. Getting him way more than he needed but so much more than what he came with. This little guy is lucky to be placed with such great foster parents.

As I end this blog and intend to find some well deserved sleep. My prayer is for every little child to be as blessed, warm and safe. As I know my little girl is and this new little boy will be now that he is in a good home.

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