March 24th, 2007
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One of the things that is very important for all parents who want to be the best they can be is to establish a date night out. It helps relieve stress from work, home, and family. It rekindles the spark of love between you and your spouse. It can help influence how you parent by helping you to relax and appreciate your kids on family nights.

On our date night out this week, my husband decided that we would catch dinner and a movie. This is something that we both have enjoyed from day one in our marriage.

We like a wide range of subjects so we take turns picking the movie on our date night. This was his pick. A marvelously funny one at that. I have never laughed out loud in a movie theater so much in all my life.


Wild Hogs deals with the subject of four middle aged men who are at that place in their life where they need to rekindle their youthful good times.

It covers what is currently going on in their lives and families and careers. Then it takes you on a road trip with them across country to find a “Wild Freedom” they believe they have lost.

John Travolta and Tim Allen are hilariously funny in this picture. So are the other two co stars. This is one of those movies where you walk away and cannot wait till it comes out on video or DVD so you can own it yourself.

An hour after the movie my husband and I were still discussing our favorite parts of the movie. So it is a good conversation piece. Good conversation after 23 years of marriage is always a plus. We have found that even with three of our four children out of the nest and gone. It is time for us to rediscover the fun things we used to do as a couple before we adopted 4 children.

This is a movie that even most of the family would like. I would not recommend it for younger children but for 12 year olds and above. They too will find it humorous I am sure.

To top off date night we walked through the casino and I stuck in my last bit of fun money and won one hundred and twenty four dollars and twenty five cents on the nickel slots. That just topped off a great night out.

So with happiness in my heart I can encourage couples to see this movie. With sincere knowledge of what making time for each other means to a marriage I can plead with all adoptive and biological parents to make quality time for each other.

Being good to your mate can keep a good marriage going for a long time. It can make you both quality parents.

2 Responses to “Movie Review For Date Night (Wild Hogs)”

  1. John says:

    So which was better, Bull Slapping, or Travolta’s sins of ommision in telling of his bravery with the Del Fuegos? Funniest movie Ive seen in a long time. John

  2. Sharlene says:


    They were both funny. I loved the look on Travolta’s face when he saw the smoke and knew that he had blown up the bar.

    Allen’s idiotic thought of how to save his friend was pretty funny too.
    How ever that look Travolta gave in the bar when he forgot to say his lines was so funny ….even the dirrector decided to leave it in.

    Over all I don’t think there was a part that was not a rib tickler. I loved the gay stage singer also.


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