May 31st, 2006
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For any birth parent I may have offended with my comments in my blog on “Abandonment,” please except my full apologies.

I would never refer to all birth parents in any harmful way. I actually to this point in life have felt blessed to be honored to have my children. I know it was an adoption that came about through difficulties on the level of the birth parents.

However, I feel strongly about children and their rights. I have always put my kids first in my life. This is one time with my daughter that I think the family unit should come first. Not the needs of my bipolar daughter.


I still have Angela and her needs to think about. As well as knowing what I need since I am not in perfect health. Emotionally and physically I can not restrain a 186 pound teenager. If I let her go in her rages, she demolishes my home and or harms herself or the people around her.

Once again please forgive me if you read that blog and felt I was slamming biological parents. I in no way meant to include any other parents other than my child’s birth parents.

That is one thing with open adoption. You get to know the full reasons why children need new families. I am just so sorry my daughter April has carried so many of the biological home issues with her. She in no way deserves to carry the burdens upon her shoulders.

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