September 13th, 2006
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Each morning before school. Angela and I have started our day off with prayer.
It gives us hope and a secure feeling that God will allow his angels to watch over our children as they go off i into their day.

It goes a little like this:

Dear God,

Please watch over our children as they go off to school this morning. Put your arms of protection around them and keep them safe as they play on the play ground.

Help them to keep an open mind and to be mindful what you have for them to learn today. Bless their teacher as she leads them through the day.


Watch over us and keep us mindful of you and bring all the little children home safely to their mommy’s and daddy’s at the end of this day. Bless the bus driver and guide her hands as she keeps our children safe until they get home.


This is a daily event that I would not miss for the world. It helps both of us keep our mind upon our Father in Heaven and all that he does for us each day.

With all the issues in todays schools it gives us peace of mind to pray before our day begins. Any one else out there with us on this daily prayer?
If so we want to hear from you.

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