May 26th, 2007
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Am I really this annoyingly over-pumped, opinionated, strong-willed mama of 39?

Yes I am, and I’m grateful that I have an outlet for my dreams, goals, plans and visions. This is what I wanted, I strived to be their mama, it’s not glamorous but neither am I. This is my dream, and I willed it and worked it until I had it.

I also dream for 100% success for them all; either college educated, and/or financially successful, happy and content in their lives. I am nowhere near that goal. I have five college graduates so far, one with a Master’s Degree, another three are near completion of their Bachelor’s Degrees. Three military men and my other grown sons are employed, well, except for the one that’s in jail.


Ken Blanchard, yet another of my many heroes, describes his leadership role in higher power performance as,

“I cheerlead, I listen, I nurture, I guide, and I help people grasp the significance of their lives.”

He believes in servant leadership where

“servant leaders realize that leadership is not about them. It’s about helping people according to their established vision, values, and goals. They recognize they’re here to serve rather than to be served.”

Not all of my children are capable of being college educated, but all have the ability to be gainfully employed and to lead fulfilling lives, to own houses, and to raise families. Yet every single child came to me nearly totally emotionally destroyed, some were physically damaged, and others were shell-shocked.

Out of this is where we start to build up children that I believe have awesome potential.

Don’t tell me it can’t be done when we’re doing it.

Blanchard expounds on this,

“I would like to get people to lead at a higher level. It should be a process of achieving worthwhile results while acting with respect, care, and fairness to the well-being of all involved. The mission of our company is to unleash the power and potential of people for the greater good.”

His simple founding principle in business is to make a difference in the lives of others.

I wrote a goal sheet about 15 years ago that detailed the fact that I simply wanted to help, to parent children. I even stated a number of children that was half of what I ended up with, and to that end, those original children are grown and have succeeded. I still have a number of challenging behaviors to address, emotions to heal, and obstacles to overcome, and now I look back at my grown children who give me the motivation to continue in this endeavor.

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