April 10th, 2006
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As a family project we headed out to the pet store to find a fish tank. There were 4 kids. So mom told us we each could pick out two fish each.

While mom and dad bought the taken and all the set up stuff. We scurried around the store looking into each aquarium looking for that perfect fish.

There were funny ones with spots and stripes. Orange fish with big eyes and Black fish with big eyes. There were skinny fish with scary fins like baby sharks.

It took us nearly half the day just picking out fish that the store owner said could live happily together.


Setting up the fish tank when we got home was a fun family activity. We had to find the perfect place for it. Then we had to set up the filter system.
Then we placed in the colorful rocks and plastic plants and decorations for the tank.

Then each of us carried water to my dad so he could pour it in the tank and pan after pan it began to fill up nicely.

Everyone was so excited when we could finally put the fish in the tank. First they had to float in their bags at the top of the tank to get used to the water tempature. After about twenty minutes we were able to let them go into the water.

Most of them were gold fish so they seemed happy to have a new home. But there were a few of them who seemed frightened. They sort a just stayed there until dad dropped the food in the tank. Then they sort a fit in. Quickly eating and swimming with the other fish.

This has been an example of a family fun activity offered to us by Michael. I tease him and tell him it is “Michaels big fish story.”

We met at the pet store. As we were picking out a kitten for Paige. Michael is the biological sibling in a family that has adopted 3 other children. He says we are just a normal family.

Thank you Michael for allowing me to tell your family’s story of Family Fun.

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